Finding your passion can often be accidental: playing the chef when one is a child, under grandma’s kind eye, getting to know a famous chef when one is still a teenager, a summer job for a few extra pocket money, a TV show or falling in love with a girl who was keen on cooking classes. Transforming this passion for cooking into a job well done requires many years of study and a lot of hard work. To do this job and find pleasure in it, you need to be part of a team that feels like family, so you can cook as if you were doing it for your loved ones.

  • Mihai Ciuraru – Bucătar
  • Cristian Barbu – Bucătar
  • Bogdan Baroiu – Bucătar
  • Roberto Tănase – Bucătar
  • Mihaela Gheorghe – Asistent bucătar
  • Mariana Balaș – Asistent bucătar
  • Constantin Dumitru – Ospătar